Call of Duty Black Ops III Preview

RELEASE DATE: November 6th, 2015

Black-Ops-3-5-Alright so here it is guys the big one. Call of Duty series is like the most played series of all time. And Call of duty Black Ops 3… is it going to live up to the hype and deliver again? Or is it just going to suck. I’ll talk about that right now.

Most people who have played the game and seen it in action are more excited than ever for this new game. Unlike Star Wars Battlefront point and click action, Call of Duty is going to have a lot of ways to customize your character. In this Call of Duty, you’re going to have wave after wave of AI action much like Halo series gameplay mode. The new AI means these guys are going to be smart. Not only will you be fighting other human ais there will also be drones and robots. Oh yeah baby.

The graphics are pretty insane too. The characters are super detailed and their face expressions are crazy life like. You can get a bow in this game which looks super cool. So at the beginning of each match you get to choose your character. Each character has their own unique look, personality, back story, etc. It is kind of like Evolve if you have ever played that game. Anyway back to the bow. The bow is a weapon you get with the Outrider. The Outrider is a female character. She is sort of like a specialist who is a scout with bow and arrows. She has this ability called vision pulse that can identify enemies around the map. It is not just the bow that is bad ass, all the weapons have a new look to them and I think this fresh look is exactly what the Call of Duty series needed.

Maybe the biggest difference in this latest Call of Duty is the way you can move over the map. You can chain together actions to move in new and unique ways. You can walk along walls and jet packs around too. But you can also feel the difference. It has a lot of momentum like movement, once you get your speed up you can capitalize on it.

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