Holiday Wish List for Console Gamers

I was going to do a 2 for 1 post last time but honestly it got really long and I got tired out. So I saved the console gamer wish list for today. Honestly I’ve looked over a ton of products this holiday season to figure out what I want so I’ve checked out the best new products out there. I’ve already made my wish lists and if your shopping for some new gaming gear you’ll want to look at these products in this list or my PC gaming list.

Console Gaming

  1. Sony TV. Sony makes the most badass TVs out of them all. My friend just got an OLED Sony TV and that thing looks so kickass with the Playstation 4.
  2. X Rocker Chair. If you don’t game at a desk and infront of a TV I recommend these chairs. Rock your way to victory.
  3. New Xbox Controller. The Xbox Elite controller is $150. DON’T buy it as a separate product. I’d suggest getting the Xbox Elite bundle or waiting for the price to come down.
  4. Xbox One Bundle. There is a bunch of Xbox One Bundles out there. Choose carefully but if you have a favorite series they probably have a bundle for it.
  5. PS4 Bundle. Like the Xbox One, you can get 1TB versions of this console plus one or two games. Now that there was a $50 price drop, the PS4 is even more enticing.
  6. Atlantic Gaming Desk. Once you start gaming at this desk you probably won’t be able to give it up. It is a great desk for gamers and it is only $100.
  7. Turtle Beach Headset. Turtle Beach does the best job of making headsets that have realistic surround sound. That means you won’t have people sneaking up to you in Call of Duty and knifing you with no warning.

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