Holiday Wish List for PC Gamers

There are a few things that every gamer needs. But lets mention the basics first. You gotta have something to GAME on whether that be a PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, handheld, or some other gaming device. Then you need your game of choice. Maybe its Call of Duty maybe is the new Star Wars game I don’t know but you need to find a game that you can really get into. Once you got that you’re ready to go.

In this wish list I’m mostly going to focus on console and PC gamers. Since most of everyone games on those platforms, it should cover the most amount of people. I just don’t have the time to talk about every single gaming device and create a separate wish list for each one so I’m going to break it down into those two categories.

PC Gaming

  1. SteelSeries Siberia Elite Headset. The ear muffs glow. Nuff’ said. LOL just kidding. This has more than that going for it. This is an awesome headset that is comfortable. It has amazing sound. I’m talking about full range 7.1 channel audio sound. It is like your in a movie theatre no joke.
  2. Razer Keyboards. So Razer is well known in the PC gaming world and they’ve got a couple keyboards you should look into. I know a lot of people have bought the Blackwidow keyboard but i think the Deathstalker is a much better deal for the money.
  3. Roccat Tyon Mouse. This is a newer mouse from ROCCAT and it is pretty bad ass. It has multibuttons and all the snazzy stuff you would expect. The best thing about this mouse though is the feel. Plus the thumb button is next level. It is like this paddle that you can use for most games.
  4. Firefly Mousepad. If your looking for a mousepad this is the one I have my eye on. The Firefly. This is the first mouse that is so unique. It will be able to light up your desk at night.
  5. DX Racer Chair. DX Racer makes cool racing style chairs. These are great for gamers because they are high quality. That means they will last you a long time and you won’t have to replace them all the time. I know I do a lot of sitting in my chair and I bet you do too.
  6. BenQ Monitor. If you’re a true PC gamer than you’ve heard of BenQ. This are competitive grade gaming monitors. They have lower response times and accurate coloring and shading. Great for gaming and pegging where your opponents are or what type of fireball is coming your way.

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