Star Wars: Battlefront Preview

no_text_-_Star_Wars_Battlefront_Key_Art.0.0So if you’re looking for the quintessential video game for the holidays many people are thinking that Star Wars Battlefront might be the one. Star Wars has some of the greatest games built around its lore and plot lines, but it also has some of the biggest flops. The big question is will Star Wars Battlefront be a hit or a flop. I’m going to take a pretty close look at this game and try to figure that out before its coming release on November 17th.

One of my friends is in on the beta and has been streaming his gameplay to Twitch so I like to think I’m more qualified than most to write a preview. As of right now there are two multiplayer maps available on the beta version. The two maps are Drop Zone on Sullust and Walker Assault on Hoth. Drop Zone is a mmap where you locate and then defend escape pods. These escape pods crashed from outer space. The first team to defend five pods wins (or whoever has the most after 10 minutes). Drop Zone on Sullust is definitely the easier of the two maps. There’s these spots of poison ponds which if you walk into will start sapping your health. Pretty self explanatory.

The Hoth map is a lot more chaotic and has a 40 player max. That means a lot of things are wizzing around including TIE Fighters X Wings and AT ATs. Jedi are knocking heads and lasers are pewing pewing all over the place and you’ll think you just landed in the middle of the Hoth scene from Star Wars. I think the environment they created on this map is super cool. But I think the novelty will quickly become not as cool.

Overall I think most people that have played the game would agree that this is a simple action game. There aren’t complex loadouts or optimizations like you would find in a Call of Duty series. It is as close as you can get to the bones of action games. Point and click is the name of the game. For some casual shooters I think this will be right up their alley. But for those needing depth and strategy to keep them hooked, you may want to stay away from this one. For now this game is just looking like a reskinned Battlefield game. For hardcore Star Wars fans that may not be a bad thing but for the rest of gamers it might get boring fast.

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