4 Cardboard Arcade Game Challenges

4 Cardboard Arcade Game Challenges

4 Cardboard Arcade Game Challenges. There are a lot of ideas to come up with when you want to create a cardboard arcade game challenge. You can construct a fun activity using cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. Cardboard is not only for arts and crafts, but also to develop children’s creativity and cognitive to create useful fun games.

Talking about the arcade, most of you think that it is about a room with video game screens that are glowing. But arcade game didn’t begin with a high-tech entertainment. So, even without electricity or computers, you can have an excellent arcade game by using only a cardboard box!

4 Cardboard Arcade
4 Cardboard Arcade

Let’s take a look at these 4 challenges of the cardboard arcade game. We provide materials

Materials You Need

For sparking ideas of what to do with cardboard, you need these things to help you create a fun game:

  • Scissors
  • Boxes of cardboard of various shapes and sizes
  • Recycling items you can find in your house (including plastic containers, egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and more)
  • Painter’s tape or masking tape that can be removed easily
  • Craft supplies to decorate the cardboard (including aluminum foil, paper, bells, glitter, pom poms, buttons, crayons, buttons, pipe cleaners, marker, etc.)
  • 4 Cardboard Arcade
    4 Cardboard Arcade

General Instruction

To get some inspirations, to begin with, you can think about these questions:

  • What shape or size of cardboard boxes do I have here?
  • What kind of creation do I want?
  • What kind of arcade game that children like using this cardboard box?
  • What part of the game do I want to start from?

Additional Tips

Decorate the cardboard arcade games using household recycling items you can find. To make your game more interesting, create a narrative that is related to it. Don’t forget to share your games by participating in the Cardboard Challenge group. You can upload the images of your games or organize a showcase online.

4 Cardboard Arcade
4 Cardboard Arcade

4 Cardboard Arcade Game Challenge

  1. Paper Plate Ring Toss

There are only two things required for this classic cardboard game: tubes and paper plates. By creating the toss a bit harder by decreasing the hole cut’s size in your rings or assigning variety values of points to different colored plates, will make this game much more fun to play.

  1. Craft Stick Catapult

This catapult cardboard game will teach children some physics behind it.

  1. Paper football

Use the finger to flick the football to make a goal! You can set your cardboard box up as a target to focus on. Play this arcade cardboard with your children and discuss the rules.

  1. Golf Race Game

This golf race game will make your children practice counting and train their patience to wait in turn. You just need cotton balls and tops of bottles for this game. Roll the dice and move your mover bases on the number. The winner is the person who can get the hole wins faster!

Once you have a few ideas about arcade games using a cardboard box, you can join a cardboard challenge! You can participate in the challenge to win a big prize. There is a website called the Cardboard Challenge website.

From the website, there are a lot of sources to inspire you more about cardboard arcade games challenge. It provides tips, videos, and information related to creativity from cardboard.

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