Cardboard Arcade Games for Students: Fun Basketball and Hole Toss

Cardboard Arcade Games for Students: Fun Basketball and Hole Toss

Cardboard Arcade Games for Students: Fun Basketball and Hole Toss. Are you looking for a fun and easy engineering project to create a toy? Try this cardboard arcade games: hole toss and fun basketball! This is an amazing art project for fun games outdoor and indoor. Children will find the most amazing time when creating a basket or hole for their cardboard. Your students will surely enjoy their time playing with other fellow students.

Cardboard Arcade Games
Cardboard Arcade Games

Fifty percent of the boxy delivery box in a standard size is the main material that you need for these arcade games. You can get this kind of box in almost every store. So, there will be 2 activities in one box: a half side is for a basketball activity and the other half side is for a ball toss activity.

Things You Need

  1. Box cutters
  2. Medium to a big moving box (the recommended size is 18x18x16 and you can get this at Home Depot & Lowe’s)
  3. Arcade tickets
  4. Transparent tape for packing
  5. Tiny plastic balls (you can use beanbags too as an alternative) used for a ball toss activity
  6. Art supplies including markers and crayons for decorating the game
  7. 16 oz plastic cup, paper, or foam for a basketball hoop

You can visit the Amazon website for comparing the price. Amazon usually offers the best price and maybe some of the things above are better to be bought here.

Cardboard Arcade Games
Cardboard Arcade Games

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Trim down a section of the flat box after opening it. The aim is to make it as a sheet that has four panels. Every panel is in rectangle or square shape that has a fold in every top and bottom’s end.
  2. Use the scissors to trim the sheet into two until there are four laps and two panels on every half of the sheet.
  3. Hold the big panel up on one side until the angle is in 90 degrees against the other big panel. After that, double up the folds on a side to the inside in a 90-degree angle. Then, take the tape to secure the flaps to every last one and the big panel. Repeat the same process for other side flaps.

Making the Fun Basketball

First, let’s make the basketball hoop! Take a look at the bottom of the foam cup and cut it. This step is to make your ball fits perfectly. After that, secure the cup with tape until halfway up to the big box panel. The flaps that are secured by the tape will give “sides” for the “court”. Finally, decorate the court using the art supplies with colorful crayons.

Cardboard Arcade Games
Cardboard Arcade Games

Making the Hole Toss Activity

Let’s create the box secured with the tape like a sandwich board by standing it up so the box can sit with the big panels with the angle off. Next, you need to create 3 circle pits on the big panel side by cutting it in different sizes. The pits are going to show up on the tiles of the “court” when you use the side where there is no basketball hoop. After that, make sure that the holes are perfectly big for your pine cones, balls, or beanbags to coincide through. Finally, use your art supplies to decorate these cardboard arcade games.

This is a fun art project especially when the students modify and decorate their cardboard box. Their focus, strategy, and coordination will develop as well as they play it. They will use math calculations when working with the ticket awards. Are you ready to work with the student with this project?

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