How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks

How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks

How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks. Keeping your arcade joystick durable takes efforts. Most people like to play without paying attention to how to maintain the joystick.

Maintaining joysticks should be very simple. Here are several things you need to do in order to keep your joystick working for a very long time.

  1. Don’t play harshly

Playing games is fun and sometimes makes us get carried away. Often when playing a fighting arcade game, we get carried away by the characters being played and often squeeze the joystick roughly. Of course, it makes the joystick become easily damaged

How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
  1. Don’t Slam the Joystick

Losing the video is annoying, especially if you lose to your playmates will definitely be a laughing stock. You must be patient and it’s good not to be too expressive. Some people like to slam the joystick when they lose a game of It is certain that your console’s joystick will become damaged quickly. Calm down and keep playing until you win or you might want to pause the play for a couple minutes.

How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
  1. Buy an Original Joystick

To have a good and durable joystick, of course we have to buy the original product. Because the quality is guaranteed and after-sales service is also satisfying. By not using original products, you can reduce the percentage of damage to your joystick.

How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
How to Maintain Arcade Joysticks
  1. Don’t Place the Drink near the Joystick

If water enters the electrical component on the joystick it will cause a shorting which eventually damages the component permanently. Because the joystick is basically an electrical component, it will be very dangerous if exposed to water can even cause a fire. You don’t want that, do you?

  1. If It Somehow Breaks, Get a repair from an Authorized Joystick Vendor

If your joystick is experiencing damage you should not panic immediately and replace it with a new one. Immediately bring it to a service center around your area if you cannot repair it. But make sure you go to a special service place for game equipment, not an umbrella service, shoe soles, ac, and so on, and make sure that the service center that you are an authorized dealer.

  1. Set the Time to Play Video Games

If we play video games continuously it will certainly make your joystick less sensitive in responding to the commands we give. In the long run, it will make the joystick be totally damaged. It’s a good idea to work around this by setting the time to play video games so that your joystick has time to rest and make it more durable to use.

  1. Clean the Joystick Routinely

The dirty condition of a joystick does not directly damage it. But cleaning regularly can make you feel comfortable using it. And to be more pleasing to the eye does look trivial but actually this is quite important so that your joystick becomes more durable.

By doing those 7 things, you will be able to keep the joystick alive longer. Keep in mind that it does take effort, only not that much. Those simple steps will do just fine.

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